About Hyrum's Hiking

This site has been something of a labor of love for me since I was in college at BYU. It's gone through multiple iterations of backends and frontends, and lets me experiment with different technologies as they come along. I've named the software HikeHy, and almost all the custom code was written by me, with feedback and suggestions from family and friends.

Hyrum's Hiking is currently running HikeHy version 5.0.0-dev. It is written in Python, using the Jinja templating engine, with a Bootstrap frontend. The data for the site is kept in a relational database, currently SQLite. HikeHy uses the CherryPy web application framework, which provides caching, compression, and a bunch of other goodies for free.

The images are all stored on Flickr, and are fetched using the flickrapi Python module. The books page is generated dynamically using information from Amazon Web Services based upon ISBNs from each of the books.

If you would like more information about HikeHy or other aspects of this site, please contact me.

Many thanks to Bruce Christensen for his help in bug finding and design vetting the site.

The flanks of White Butte